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This is the Trailer to the making of the TVC Album


The full hour Documentary covers the making of the Album and goes into how the band was uniquely formed along with how the songs were recorded. 

This was a journey that took over 2 1/2 years covering 3 recording locations. Get introduced to the band and songs by the 3 Producers - Jesse Wilde, Rob Vazey and Davy Mac. While going behind the scenes and watching actual recording footage.

Also Interviews with Midge Marsden, John Kempt and Antony Pickard. 

THE VAZEY COLLECTIVE is a Six-piece band from New Zealand that formed over 2016-2017. This determined and accomplished group of musicians know what they want, the music is old school, dynamic and real. The Music will speak to many covering many genre’s, but still just good old Classic Rock.

The band features the spectacular Antony Pickard on lead vocals. His powerful and compelling voice is up with the best and it was mentioned by Midge Marsden while performing on one of the songs that “Ants could sing the phone book and you would listen”. This is a true testament coming from one of NZ’s best musicians.

John Kempt on lead guitar is popular among the best in the business, it’s also noted John taught Duff McKagan from GnR’s daughters how to play guitar. Playing guitar with some of the best musicians in the world, John has learnt everything required to enhance a band and he does not disappoint by bringing powerful, but stylish guitar licks & solos to the TVC Album.

Playing bass guitar for 27 plus years, Carl Win has done numerous gigs and tours over this time throughout the country with various bands. Carl’s passion for recording music has seen him record with many bands in his private studio over the last 15 + years.

Song writer, producer and guitarist Rob Vazey has written all the songs on the Album TVC. The irresistible and diverse sound and writing style of Rob’s will blow you away and keep you listening from start to finish.

Davy Mac from the Red-Light Runners has added the punch to this Album with good solid Rhythm Guitar, Davy generally more on the heavy side of Rock adds just the right amount of Rock to keep it real.

Having Sofi Pua on Drums completes this already highly accomplished Group, Sofi has played drums for more than 12 or more top NZ bands and now is adding huge control and rhythm to the TVC Album.

Together, these artists have the ability to blow your mind, whether it be from an in your face Rock song to a laid-back Ballard, either way this band creates a compelling and irresistible sound not to be missed. The art of song-writing is back.

Band Members:

Antony Pickard (vocals)

John Kempt (Lead guitar)

Rob Vazey (guitar)

Davy Mac (Rhythm guitar)

Carl Win (bass)

Sofi Pua (drums)

Others performing on the album

Midge Marsden (harmonica)

Karena West (Lead female Vocals)

Andrew Ishee (Piano)

Greg Mosen (ukulele)

Caroline Chevin (backing Vocals)

Check Out The Album Review - 11 Dec 2018 // A review by Paul Goddard

If you like your music straight down the middle of the road, no shocks, surprises, twists and turns just good ol’ country/blues rock 'n roll then this album is for you. Rob Vazey has put together an impressive collection of musicians for this debut album which was recorded at Studio 38 in Auckland.

You can tell it is a labour of love with the core of the ensemble being a five-piece with up to 10 or more musicians involved. The aim seems to have been to put together a collection of songs that will appeal to people who like performers like Jimmy Barnes, Fleetwood Mac or The Eagles. If that is you, then you won’t be disappointed.

The songs are a mixture of country rock, blues, rock and ballads. The immediate stand out is Ant’s vocals. Midge Marsden(who is also a contributor) apparently said that if Ant sang a phone book people would still listen. The devil is in the detail and it is clear the details have been focused on during the creation of these songs. 

Ant and all the other musicians are flawless on this album and his vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the music. There is a warmth and depth to his vocal and he knows when less equals more. The backing and support vocals are also perfectly matched as is the production.

This collection of songs will stand up well against any of the music created by the artists whose influences run strong throughout. I could throw around words like musicianship or craftsmanship, but how does The Vazey Collective actually make me feel?

I will be honest; this isn’t the kind of music I usually listen to. I read The Vazey Collective website where it says, "Music for all ages", but I have to disagree.

This is music my dad would listen to (and I am 50), but and it is a big BUT, after a few runs through and cranking the volume to ear bleeding levels it was growing on me.

Like I said before if this IS your kind of music you are going to be blown away.

This album could be cranking at BBQ’s or on cassette players in vintage cars heading for the Beach Hop all over NZ this summer.

Digging a little deeper I started to appreciate the layers and textures in the songs. There are elements of experimentation which stand out in songs such as Home, which is a brooding anti-war song complete with spoken word samples. The sing along chorus is never too far away though nor the understated but perfectly matched guitar solos. This is the kind of track Axl Rose pushed for on latter Guns ‘n Roses albums.

My favourite tracks tend to be the higher energy rockers like Home and there is enough variation on here to keep people interested and playing this album repeatedly.

The full range of emotions are all addressed via slow burning ballads and other tracks that will have people spinning around the campfires. Quirky bluesy number The Stranger will also appeal although I did find the lyrics a little cliched.

To be honest, this album is exactly what you would expect. The Vazey Collective clearly set themselves high standards and worked hard to produce an album they would be happy with and for that this collection of songs cannot be faulted. 

I am not sure if there are plans to tour but they really should. If this is your kind of music you need to get a copy as soon as possible and crank it all summer long

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