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Running To You

4.24 Rock


6.45 Rock


6.13 Ballard


3.16 Pop/ Rock

Ride With Me

4.29 Rock

You & Me Girl

4.29 Country Rock

Dreamers is a well-balanced, light, summery track. While the track feels simplistic in its overall sound, the lead guitar provides properly weighed riffs, that complement the melody and vocals of the track without overpowering the rest of the composition. The guitar feels like a mish-mash of Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Sublime, and Santana, kept in control with a strong, consistent snare.


TVC Album You can tell it is a labour of love with the core of the ensemble being a five-piece with up to 10 or more musicians involved. The aim seems to have been to put together a collection of songs that will appeal to people who like performers like Jimmy Barnes, Fleetwood Mac or The Eagles. If that is you, then you won’t be disappointed.

Ant and all the other musicians are flawless on this album and his vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the music. There is a warmth and depth to his vocal and he knows when less equals more. The backing and support vocals are also perfectly matched as is the production.

This collection of songs will stand up well against any of the music created by the artists whose influences run strong throughout : PAUL GOODARD

The Stranger

3.51 Country Rock

The Call

3.28 Country Rock

Hold On

4.41 Ballard


4.23 Blues Rock

Complete Album.

Country / Rock

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